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Tribune rental

аренда трибуны для зрителей, зрительская трибуна в аренду
Stairs height - from 0.2 up to 1.8 meters
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трибуна для зрителей на 100 посадочных мест, зрительская трибуна на 100 человек
Stairs height - 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 cm.
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Tribunes rental

An important service for events of a different genre is ta tribunes rental, which we provide. Renting a tribune you can organize a place for performances, as well as create a place for spectators.

Tribunes rental for performances can serve to solve a variety of tasks. For example, on our tribunes you can easily place a choir or a symphony orchestra, because it has a multi-level layout, very convenient for placing such groups.

Spectator stands for rent

Comfortable placement of viewers, or, especially, VIP-guests is important at the event. Specifically for this purposes we offer spectator stands for rent. Essentially, these are all the same tribunes that are offered in our catalogue, which are supplied with seats, as well as, if necessary, equipped with a roof-shed.

All of our spectator stands can be rented multi-leveled, with different height of steps both vertically and horizontally. We are always ready to consider all your bold ideas and prepare a project for an unusual structure.

Tribunes rental in SPB, North-West and Moscow (MSK)

We provide services for the rental of tribunes in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the North-West. The rental price of spectator stands, as well as the tribunes for performances, already includes services for delivery and installation of the structure, but only within the Moscow Ring Road and the Ring Road of St. Petersburg.

If you want to order a tribune rental outside the Moscow Ring Road or Ring Road of St. Petersburg, please contact our specialists to clarify the cost.