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Stage rental

Mass events and celebrations almost never do without a central place for people's entertainment - that is the stage. As the stage is a not cheap equipment, to which each concrete event has its own technical requirements, we offer the most important service for the organizers - stage rental.

By stage rental is meant a whole range of services, because a stage is a complex construction that must be properly staffed, installed, serviced during the event, and also dismantled and removed. Our stage rental services already include all the necessary follow-up work.

Constructions rental

We regularly update the catalog, making it more and more interesting for events of a very various format and scale. Today, it presents the most common types of scenes that meet the needs of our customers. Rental of a ready-made stage of standard formats allows our customers to make all calculations on the planning of mounting, installation of equipment and production of decorations in advance - all sizes are initially known, so the risks of force majeure at the venue, when it is so important to fit into planned time intervals for installation, are significantly reduced.

Each of our stages usually has a similar key structure and consists of a base platform, height of which may vary from 20 centimetres to 1.8 metres; and a roof (with or without a canopy, etc.) made of truss-constructions and special fasteners, as well as with a fabric serving as a roof that protects from rain and bright sun. This stage would be perfect to rent for any kinds of performance and installation of equipment, if the event is outdoors.

Height of a platform varies due to the different height of the legs. If desired, the stage can be layered, for this different legs will be used where necessary. The height of the roof is standard and often depends on the length and width of the platform, but not its height. This standard is used for reliability and stability, so if you decide to rent a stage, you can be sure in safety of the structure.

The bigger the stage and the higher the roof are, the more is the "sailing effect" that inevitably occurs with the wind, even not a strong one, which is very common for our region. For this reason our stage rentals are equipped with water containers to give the structure additional weight and to securely attach the canopy to the exact location.

Stages with a roof

In this section of our catalog we offer a stage rental with a roof. These stages will allow you to comfortably hold an event outdoors, as all speakers, as well as equipment installed on the stage, will be protected from precipitation.

We offer a rental of roofs of various shapes. For stages of different formats we offer roofs of different formats for rent: they can be either triangular or demicircular. For these models you can choose a roof for a cool stage by yourself. You can rent a stage with a canopy of various sizes a out company.

Stage rental price

Stage rental price in most cases already includes the necessary services for delivery and installation. However, the rental price for events outside the St. Petersburg Ring Road will be different, since additional transportation costs, and possibly other costs associated with the installation distance, will be added.

All the equipment presented in our catalog is the property of our company, therefore we offer our customers the best stage rental price.

Types of stages

Of course, there are a lot of kinds of events, and we would like to make an individual stage solution for each such event. We are always ready to consider your wishes and advise the best option. Renting a theatrical stage for a performance may involve the presence of additional outputs or features of the construction. As a shell stage, we can offer a rental of stages with rounded roofs.

Mobile stage

We understand that a stage rental is most often required for events that have a limited time for installation and dismantling, so we suggest renting a mobile stage. All our constructions are the optimal solutions for the fastest installation and dismantling, as well as for installing the most various equipment. Dismountable stage rental allows you to save not only time, but also money, because , if necessary, you can add any other features to the construction, rather than order a special kind of a stage for this.

Stage rental in Moscow (MSK) and Saint-Petersburg (SPB)

Our company has appeared and worked for a long time in St. Petersburg and Moscow, therefore the prices in our catalog are mentioned for stage rental in Moscow (MSK) and St. Petersburg (SPB). Stage rental in Moscow and St. Petersburg already includes its delivery, installation and maintenance. If you want to order a stage rental in MSK or SPB, contact us in any convenient way.

Rental in the North-West region

For several years now we have been providing portable stages throughout the North-West region. To the cost of stage rental mentioned on our website, transportation costs to be added, but due to the fact that we give our own equipment for rent, the total cost of a stage rental will still be profitable for you.

At the moment, we also began to provide our services on the peninsula of Crimea, where you can now also rent a stage. You can check the price portable stage rental with our specialists by the contacts listed on the site.

Please note that the rental price at the New Year's Eve (from December 31st to January 1st) is 80% higher.

When booking and making an advance payment before December 1 - 10% discount to be applied