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Stage Flooring

Сценический ковролин
Grey carpet is included in the stage rental
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сценический линолеум
Sound absorption: 19 dB., color: double-sided
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Искусственная трава аренда
Price per 1 square meter, pile length is 5-6 mm.
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Stage flooring

When renting a stage, it's important to think about the stage flooring, because, depending on the tasks, it can play a very big role.

Working with stages we have gathered a lot of experience in choosing the right stage flooring, therefore, before ordering something concrete, you can consult with our specialists and make the best choice.

Among the most common types of stage floorings, there are two main - stage linoleum and stage carpet. Both serve their purposes.

For example, when choosing a stage linoleum, you will significantly increase the level of security on your stage, because it will provide stages with an anti-slip effect, and due to this you are guaranteed to be able to make dance routines.

Choosing a stage carpet, you will ensure a comfortable stay of guests on the stage, in particular, if the event has a more formal character, where high-ranking guests will attend.

Some types of flooring may not yet be added to our catalogue, so you can contact us in any convenient way for more detailed advice. The price for stage flooring is mentioned per 1 sq.m.