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Frames rental

Стартовый авто подиум
Car stage rental
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Стартовые ворота
Structure with banners
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аренда флагштока
Flagpoles structures
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Прокат фермы, алюминиевые фермы для сцены
Length: from 1 meter
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лебедка сценическая
Lifting capacity - 250 kg.
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аренда конструкции для крепления экрана
Various sizes
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аренда блэкаута, аренда занавеса
Blackout fabric
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Stage structures rental

Often at the event it is required to have a structure of an unusual format, or just separate from the stage structures for installation of sound, lighting and video equipment. We also provide rental services of stage structures.

We have ready-made solutions for stage structures, as well as we are ready to consider your wishes, on the basis of which we offer individual solutions.

These structures can also be used to decorate the venue - they can be easily attached to banners.

If you have any clarifying questions, just contact our specialists and they will help you to understand, as well as to choose the necessary scenic structures for rent.